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Your Complete K12 French Curriculum

Discover a new approach to language learning: Fun, personalized, and aligned with educational standards.

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Comprehensive French curriculum for K12

Eclatly isn't just for classrooms; it's a versatile learning solution suitable for various educational settings. Whether you're a school district, homeschool, or private institution, Eclatly adapts to your unique requirements.

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Schools & School districts
Elevate French language programs with gamified learning, interactive posters, and streamlined class management.
Home schools and private schools
Transform any setting into a captivating learning environment. Tailored activities, customizable quizzes, and progress tracking.
Tutors & Parents
Empower tutors and parents with a powerful toolkit. Custom quizzes, detailed progress reports, and collaborative features.

Elevate Your Teaching Experience

Unveil In-Depth Insights with Robust Reporting Tools

Navigate through an enhanced teaching workflow with Eclatly’s interactive reports. Dive deep into usage reports, charts, and score breakdowns to tailor your lessons for maximum impact on your young French learners.

Dynamic Usage Reports
Effortlessly track and analyze student engagement with detailed usage reports. Gain valuable insights into learning patterns, helping you tailor your French lessons for maximum impact.
Customizable Score Reports
Dive into personalized score breakdowns for each student. Identify strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a targeted and effective teaching approach.
Interactive Charts and Graphs
Explore interactive charts and graphs that visually represent student progress. Use these insights to create engaging lessons that resonate with your young French learners.
Filterable by Themes, Activities and Dates
Tailor your teaching strategy with filterable reports based on themes and activities. Identify popular themes and activities to keep your lessons exciting and engaging.
Classroom-Specific Insights
Get classroom-specific insights to understand the unique dynamics of each class. Use this knowledge to create a customized and effective learning experience for your students.
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Feature packed

Why Choose Eclatly for Your School?

At Eclatly, we believe kids learn the most when they are having fun so learning French should be exciting and engaging! 🎉 That's why we've crafted activities that transforms learning into an adventure. We also believe in empowering educators. We've got features that make life easier for teachers and school administrators too! 🍎

Immersive Audio Lessons

Step into a world where language comes alive through meticulously crafted audio activities. Our immersive approach makes French not just a subject but an experience

Games and Activities

Learning is an adventure with our curated selection of educational games and activities. Watch as your students thrive in an environment that fosters both knowledge and enjoyment.

Interactive Visual Learning

Move beyond traditional textbooks.Our thoughtfully designed videos and interactive posters take language learning to new heights. Engage students with compelling content that transcends traditional teaching methods.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Because we know you've got enough passwords to remember. Simplify access and class rostering with Clever and ClassLink integration.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Experience the ease of managing classes, students, and resources through our intuitive dashboard. Empower educators and administrators with the tools they need for success.

Detailed Reports for Insightful Analytics

Gain valuable insights into student performance and platform usage. Our detailed reports provide actionable data to optimize teaching strategies.


Flexible & Affordable Pricing

At Eclatly, we believe that quality education should be accessible to all. Our pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and value, ensuring that every school, homeschool, or institution can embark on the Eclatly journey with confidence.

Individual Student License

Complete access to Eclatly's interactive French learning resources.

$12/ student / academic year

  • Personalized learning journey
  • Progress tracking and analytics
  • SSO Login
  • Gamification features: Streaks and Badges for enhanced engagement
  • Unlimited device logins

Individual Teacher License

Full access to the Eclatly platform for teachers, parents and tutors.

$120/ teacher / academic year

  • Dashboard for class management
  • Reports for tracking individual student progress
  • SSO Login & Classroom Rostering
  • Ability to select specific activities per class
  • Create quizzes and assessments for personalized learning
  • Lesson plans & Resources

Generic Student License

Ideal for collective class purchases for groups of students.

$5/ student / academic year

  • Fraction of the individual student license cost
  • Full access to Eclatly's learning resources
  • No individual student progress reports or analytics
  • Login allowed on up to 2 devices per user

2 Weeks Free Trial

At Eclatly, we believe in letting our platform speak for itself. Sign up for our 2-weeks free trial and unlock full access to all the features that make Eclatly a reliable choice for French language education.

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Schools & educators love our program

“Eclatly has transformed our French language program. The engaging activities and gamification features keep our students excited to learn every day. It's a game-changer!”

Leslie Alexander
French Teacher

“As a language educator, I appreciate the flexibility Eclatly offers. The ability to create custom quizzes and assessments has truly enhanced the learning experience for my students.”

David Chen
Language Department Head

“Eclatly's dashboard simplifies class management, making it easy for me to track student progress and tailor lessons accordingly. The support team is responsive and always ready to assist.”

Sarah Rodriguez
School Administrator

“The gamification features, like streaks and badges, have motivated my students to stay committed to learning French. Eclatly has made language education enjoyable and effective.”

Mark Thompson
Middle School Educator

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